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1. Accountability and Transparency

All Staff, Management and Board are duty bound to be honest in taking full responsibility for their decisions, actions, and results in an open manner while on duty and or in dealing with various stakeholders on behalf of CRC.


2. Professionalism

All CRC staff are expected to demonstrate and adhere to high professional standards in their undertakings which is critical to CRC’s pledge towards quality services.


3. Teamwork

CRC believes in supporting and promoting a diverse and yet unified team working together towards promoting a common goal. The organization will ensure that all staff at all levels recognize and appreciate each other’s contribution to the existence of CRC. Equal opportunity is embedded within this value.


4. Results oriented

Moving beyond the implementation of activities to a special focus on delivering quality results (Short, medium- and long-term changes) is a practice that should be emulated by all staff during the implementation of community interventions.